Biography of Sadegh Mokhtari Sharafi

Biography of Sadegh mokhtari Sharafi

Sadegh Mokhtari Sharafi ( Persian: صادق مختاری شرفی, Known as: sad69h ) is an Iranian business coach and entrepreneur who was born on February 3, 1988 in Tehran.

his currently works as a sales consultant for many businesses and the growth of social media pages of celebrities.
Sadegh Mokhtari: "Don’t be afraid to try new things, you never know what a new experience will reveal or create"

Sadegh stands amongst the best known social media and cybersecurity experts, his expertise has helped many online businesses and entities thrive exponentially.

Who really is Sadegh Mokhtari ?
Well, this young man was born in 1988 in Tehran, Iran, and from a very early age was bowled by the idea to do something that could help him stand apart from others even amidst much saturation and competition.

For this, he gave it his all and put every possible effort to make it huge in his chosen industries. That is how he created success for himself in both social media and information security.

Talking about information security, Sadegh mokhtari says that as the world notices more and more cybersecurity threats, it creates an urgency for experts like him who can secure information from unauthorized access.

Sadegh Mokhtari’s technical expertise and knowledge in preventing unauthorized access, disclosure, use, recording, modification, inspection, destruction, or disruption of information have brought him to the forefront of the industry.

As a result, he has gained many clients as well who trust and rely on him for his excellence in the same.

The young talent also explains how important social media is today for almost everyone and Without being on social media, you’re majorly missing out on something big.

"Reaching the right target audience is very important for growth and success," says Sadegh Mokhtari, who has grasped the subject well and is known as one of the best social media experts of the present time. He says that with more than a billion active users on social media platforms like Instagram, it has become mandatory to grow an online audience and understand the workings of generating quality leads which result in sales. The task of establishing a strong presence on social media is taken over by experts like Sadegh who have mastered the art and have successfully catapulted many businesses online presence to towering heights.

Sadegh Mokhtari Sharafi is a well-known personality in the field of social media due to his skillful work
And along with security services in social networks, his marketing strategies and other educational and consulting services have also made his clients have a prominent presence in the web space and this has made their brand and business flourish.

For more information, follow Sadegh Mokhtari ( sad69h ) on his social networks.

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